Watts (HSFS) Flow-Max UV Plus, 3-in-1 Whole House Water Filtration System

Product Description

Triple-Treat Protection
The innovative Hydro-Safe® filtration system
incorporates three technologies in one unit to
provide three-step treatment to remove:

  • Bacteria
  • Chlorine
  • Tastes
  • Odors
  • Sediment
  • More

Three-In-one Technology
Provides peace of mind and safe, great tasting
water, supplied to every tap in the house. Hereâ€â„¢s
how it works:

Step #1
0.2 Micron Filtration
Hydro-Safe filter cartridge is pleated for greater
surface area using a micro-fiber, using a 0.2
micron filter media. This highly effective filter
cartridge removes particulate, sand, silt, rust
particles and other solid matter.

Step #2
Carbon Treatment
The pleated filter media includes activated carbon which provides a secondary treatment process to remove chlorine, taste and odors.

Step #3
UV Light Disinfection
During the final process, water flows into a stainless steel reaction chamber where it is exposed to a 254 nanometer UV lamp.
Inside this chamber bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms are destroyed to provide disinfection without the use of chemicals.

Specifications (Model HSFS)

Flow rate (max.) 14 GPM
Voltage (lamp) 110 Volts
Cartridge capacity 140,000
(Gals./ average use) Gallons
UV dose rate (mJ/cm2) 40,000 +
Bacteria reduction* 99.9%
*E-Coli used for tests with cartridge in place.

IMPORTANT: It is essential to install a one micron pre-filter prior to the unit to extend the life of the 0.2 micron cartridge.

Independent Lab Validated
Hydro-Safe systems have been third party tested to verify that they meet or exceed the 40 mJ/cm2 requirement for disinfection at the specified flow rates.