Waterdrop G2MNR Remineralize Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Key Features

  • Efficient filtration – reduce most harmful contaminants
  • Natural minerals- added calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc.
  • Fast water flow- fast water flow of 400 GPD
  • Tankless design – no bacteria breeding, fresh water in seconds.
  • The lead-free faucet is made of food grade copper-zinc alloy with a brushed nickel plating.
  • Easy installation
Reduce impurities
  • Waterdrop G2 reverse osmosis remineralization system reduces most harmful contaminants.
  • RO remineralization filter restores beneficial minerals.
  • The CF composite filter reduces large particles.
  • The MRO composite filter intercepts TDS, chloramine, atrazine, salt etc.
Adds abundant natural minerals and microelements
  • G2 reverse osmosis remineralization system comes with an external RO remineralization filter to add beneficial minerals.
  • Advanced PCC mineral active technology, Waterdrop follows the exact ratio between microelements.
  • 18 natural materials are adopted to restore minerals. You will benefit from RO mineral water in the long run.
Eco-friendly and cost-efficient
  • Waterdrop minerals RO system
  • Saves 8300 single-used water bottles per year
  • Saves $12600 per year
  • *Compared with popular mineral bottled water in market
No waiting less waste
  • With a fast& stable water flow of 400 GPD, you can fill a cup of water within 12 seconds.
  • This G2 minerals RO system improves its water-saving technology to lower the drain ratio to 1:1.Compared with traditional RO systems, 300% waste water is saved.
Elegant tankless design
  • The tankless design prevents harmful contaminant breeding, and avoids re-pollution.
  • The minerals RO system saves 70% of the under-sink space compared with a traditional RO water system.
  • 30mins to install and 3s to replace filters, with no other tools needed.
Smart filter life reminder
  • 3 colors of lights show the status of water filters.
  • Blue means your water filters are functioning well.
  • Purple means you need to replace the water filter soon. You still have 15 days to replace it.
  • Red means you have to replace the water filter immediately.
RO mineral water’s benefits
  • Enhancing bones: Improves bone health and helps prevent diseases such as reducing post-menopausal bone density.
  • Lowering bad cholesterol: Lowers harmful cholesterol with magnesium and potassium content.
  • Promoting digestion: Helps digestion by increasing the amylase secretion from the pancreas with its sulfate content.
  • Nourishing skin: Rich mineral content moisturizes the skin and delays wrinkles.
  • *Contents mentioned above are benefits of mineral water, not Reverse Osmosis System with remineralization.
Protects each baby’s health
  • Newborns are very delicate. Compared to tap water, RO water is purer, cleaner and more suitable for babies. Milk powder made by RO water is easier to be absorbed.
Waterdrop G2MNR Remineralize Reverse Osmosis Water Filter
Waterdrop G2MNR Remineralize Reverse Osmosis Water Filter


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