Tannins Whole House Water Filter

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Do you have a tea-like water that may also smell? This is the system you are looking for. Tannin Removal Water Purification System is a self-back-washing residential systems that automatically remove the tannins from drinking water using specially designed media. The system connects to the main line of your home or business and can also remove sediment, chlorine byproduct, VOCs, pesticides and herbicides. Main tank is designed to remove naturally occurring organics that make water look brown or tea-like. These are common in low areas near lakes, rivers and swaps, but may also occur in other places due to biological decay such as leaves, and naturally occurring iron.

Tannins Whole House Water Filter Features And Benefits



Conforms to paragraph 21CFR173.25 of the Food Additives Regulations of the F.D.A. *

Regeneration: Just add sodium or potassium pellets to the brine tank. Requires a nearby power outlet for the control valve to run periodic regeneration cycles.

Maximum Removal Capacities: 5ppm tannins, will work in water with up to 40 grains of hardness.

Maximum Iron and Manganese Levels: Combined manganese and Iron levels must be below 0.2 ppm.

If Iron , Manganese or Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell) is an issue, consider an iron removal system instead.

Water Filtration Stages

Water travels through 3 stages of filtration:

First stage, water travels through a 20″ sediment cartridge that removes sediment, silt, sand and dirt. Also this extends the life of water softeners, water filters, and prevents damage to control valves or pumps.

In Second stage, water travels through a 1.5 or 2.0 cubic foot Tannin reducing mineral tank with an Automatic Backwash Controller. A special purpose ion exchange media specifically designed to remove tannins, organic color, and other naturally occurring organics including organo-metallic complexes (such as heme iron) from water. CQ-TN is intended primarily for use as an organic trap in a stand-alone unit in conjunction with other ion exchange processes such as softening or demineralization. In certain situations CQ-TN can be used in the same vessel as the softener resin, as a separate upper layer. It is supplied in the chloride form as moist, tough, uniform spherical beads

In Third stage, water travels through a 20″ solid carbon cartridge for a final conditioning of the water and removing volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), insecticides, pesticides and industrial solvents.


Provides unequaled capability to reversibly remove naturally occurring organic matter. In this regard it is far superior to normal anion exchange resin.

NO FISHY ODOR Gives very little or no fishy odors even in applications where other resin types such as acrylics fail because of odor.

The longer time that the water is in contact with the media, the more effective is the conditioning and filtering of the water.

Tannins Whole House Water Filter Specification

  • Solid Fiberglass or Stainless Steel tank filled with Tannin reducing media.
  • Brine exchange mineral tank.
  • Riser style 1″ internal flow distributor.
  • Electronic Backwash Control Valve with LED display, Pentair Fleck 5600, with 5 year warranty
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 12 gallons per minute.
  • 1″ Stainless Steel Bypass Valve (connects to 1″ main ; 3/4″ is also available, inquire or note during checkout ).
  • Fiberglass tank (white), available in all stainless steel
  • Regeneration cycle, gallons: 40

This is a self-backwashing Microprocessor Control system that automatically removes the trapped contaminants within the filter bed and washes them down the drain.


Warranty For The Tannins Whole House Water Filter System

1 year on the system,

10 years on resin tank and brine tank assembly
5 years on Fleck Backwash Control Valve.

Media Life: 1.5 cu.ft – 5-10 years, 2 cu.ft – 7-12 years

Mfg#: CQE-WH-01179, CQE-WH-01180, CQE-WH-01181, CQE-WH-01182

Tannins Whole House Water Filter
Tannins Whole House Water Filter


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