Reusable Cold Brew Coffee Filter by P&F(2 Pack) - FULL TASTE - NO HARMFUL CHEMICAL IN YOUR DRIP COFFEE ANYMORE - Filter Bags for Cold Brewed Iced Coffee - Fits with 64oz Ball Mason Jar1-2 Litre

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Manufacturer Description

THE BEST COLD BREW COFFEE FILTER AND POUR OVER COFFEE FILTERS. TRY IT YOU WILL LOVE IT! Using a natural product makes all the difference, see for yourself! 2 Pcs coffee filters with Good Shape & Right Size with the rounded bottom keeps pulp out of stack in the corners Reusable Cold Brew Coffee Filter or Cold Press Coffee Filter Bag. All Purpose Strainer Work Perfectly with all Cold Brew Coffee Recipe Each Cold Brew Coffee Filter Bag is Hand-crafted, Premium Quality Best choice for cold brewed coffee maker or iced coffee Excellent alternative cold brew coffee systems than french press coffee filter or cold press coffee filter Worked perfectly with Pour over coffee, mason jar accessories, tea filter pitcher or hand drip coffee No weird smell like the nylon MUCH SAFER AND HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE FROM 100% NATURAL NO GLUE / UNDYED / NO RISK of hormone dysfunctions or breast cancer like nylon / no hazardous chemicals like cotton fabric / no more plastic and other chemicals shedding in your coffee WELL MADE - HEAVY DUTY SEWING PROCESS: We have been hiring particular women in local community to sew our Cold Brew Coffee Filter bag. Our product is glue free and chemical free in the process ROUNDED BOTTOM: a MUST- HAVE. Less waste with our rounded bottom coffee filters strainer bags. The coffee filters pouch no pulp is Left behind when cleaning EXTRA LARGE SIZE: 6.5 x 10 inches perfect for 64oz mason ball jars or small mason jar cold brew. A width mouth is easy to wrap over the sides of a bowl. This Makes it Better, Easier, Faster, and More Convenient. Fits without falling off HEALTHY PRODUCT - MOST SMOOTH, RICH AND CREAMY TEXTURE This natural coffee filter is definitely the most economical choice than use a french press coffee maker. Also good for use as nut milk bag or reusable tea bag SUPER TASTY, YOU ARE INVITED TO TASTED THE DIFFERENCE! Always clean and wash this product thoroughly before and after each use. Product of Thailand

Product Features

NO HARMFUL CHEMICAL IN YOUR COLD BREW COFFEE, YOUR DRIP COFFEE AND YOUR COLD BREW TEA ANYMORE!! PURE HEMP UNBLEACHED-UNDYED FABRIC!! -NO GLUE - No Risk of Hormone Dysfunctions or Breast Cancer Like Nylon - No Hazardous Chemicals Like Cotton Fabric - No More Plastic and Other Chemicals Shedding in Your Drink SUPER SMOOTH AND SUPER TASTY : You will get the best tasting and lot smoother than cold brew coffee systems that you only have to reusable coffee filter once. WHY'S 100%HEMP FABRIC?--Hemp has ZERO BIO TOXINS, requires no fertilizer,herbicides or pesticides like cotton. Hemp kills BACTERIA, STAPH and FUNGUS. Hemp is Anti-ROT, Anti-MOLD and Anti-STATIC. Hemp can restrain microbes and bowel bacillus. HEMP fibers are grown and produced without the use of the harmful chemicals. NO MORE TOXIC CHEMICALS! Almost all the plastic (nylon & polyester) are basically the same (materials) as the paint strainers. NO glue in our sewing process. FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - WITHOUT SHRINKING OR DEFORMING. : 2 PACK coffee filter with Good Shape & Right Size with the rounded bottom keeps pulp out of stack in the corners. EXTRA LARGE with 6.5 inches wide by 10 inches length. Fits over any size of container or Mason jars. This Makes it Better, Easier, Faster, and More Convenient. Fits without falling off. Fine mesh, you don't need to filter it again. Worked perfectly with Pour over coffee, or hand drip coffee

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