Fleck 5810 SXT Timer Carbon Filter

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The direct current motor on a 5810 valve makes this new version of these worth it.  The valve’s quick changes between positions makes it easy to work with and the valve itself is easier to work with because it can be assembled and disassembled with all of it’s quick snap fittings.

Unpleasant taste and odors caused by chlorine or organic substances such as decayed vegetation and run-off are adsorbed by top quality activated carbon. The filter will automatically backwash to a predetermined schedule using a calendar clock controlled valve. This frees the bed of accumulated impurities and reads it for operation again.


  • Electrical: 110 V/60Hz standard (all valves)
  • Digital Clock display
  • Comes with 3/4″ NPT and 1″ NPT Noryl Bypass


 Cubic Feet (CF) Tank Size
1.0 9″ x 48″
1.5 10″ x 54″
2.0 12″ x 52″ or 12″ x 48″
2.5 13″ x 54″
3.0 14″ x 65″


  • Coconut Shell Carbon : Standard Carbon used for chlorine, taste and odor removal.
  • Catalytic Carbon : Able to remove chlorine, taste and odor as well but also capable of removing chloramine, and hydrogen sulfide.
Fleck 5810 SXT Timer Carbon Filter
Fleck 5810 SXT Timer Carbon Filter


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