Eagle 1000A Budget Automatic Whole House System

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Budget Whole House Water Filter with automatic backwash. A compact design utilizing a medium sized tank that equally delivers healthy, better-tasting water for your family. Fiberglass or STAINLESS STEEL body. It has 11 stages of filtration. Great for small or vacation homes, apartments, townhouses and similar small dwellings with low water usage.
The Budget System is engineered for maximum filtration and maximum performance with minimum maintenance. The tank is equipped with an industry-leading programmable controller for automatic cleaning – this removes the trapped contaminants within the filter bed and washes them down the drain. The 20″ cartridges includes the Sediment pre filter, Solid Carbon and the Ultrafiltration membrane post-filters which create perfect final product – great tasting drinking water!


Key Features and Benefits:

  • 11 stage filtration.
  • 350,000 gallons filtration capacity.
  • Simple, User friendly, easy to program and dependable.
  • Programmable , self-backwashing, industry leading electronic control system.
  • Easy to replace media (multi-media).


Model/SKU: CQE-WH-02102
CQE-WH-02104 (stainless steel)
Manufacturer ID: CQE-WH-02102 ,CQE-WH-02104
Dimensions(inches): 20×2.5 (Filter Housings), 10×20 (Tank)
Capacity(gallons): up to 350,000 gallons
Operating Temperature(°F): 40°F(5°C) – 100°F(38°C)
Operating Pressure(psi): 30 psi – 60 psi
Design Flow Rate(Gallons per Minute, gpm): 6-8 gpm
Tank: Poly Glass(Polyester Fiberglass)
Controller: Solid state microprocessor with LED display Electronics control valve.
Flow Distributor(Internal): 1″ Riser style
Bypass Valve: 3/4″ or 1″ Stainless Steel
Filter Life(months): Sediment and Carbon Block (6-12 mos)
Tank Media Life(months): 36-60 months (0.5 cu.ft. of Multi-Media mix)
Fittings(inch): 3/4″ and 1″ NPT input/output
End Caps: Polypropylene #5
Inner/Outer Wraps: Polyolefin
Netting: Food Grade High-density Polyethylene
Gaskets: Buna-N
Eagle 1000A Budget Automatic Whole House System
Eagle 1000A Budget Automatic Whole House System
899.00 978.00

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