Dosing System Silica / Anti-foulant / Chlorine Injector

A Dosing System may be required when your water contains difficult to remove contaminants or some that are in very high range. Issues such as high or low pH, bacteria, permanent hardness, bacteria , metals, very high Iron may be addressed with the help of a dosing system.

How Dosing System Works

Depending on your requirements, a specific solution is injected into water stream before it reaches your main water purification system. This will help in scale build-up, oxidize metals and can work with a number of other water problems.


  • 5 gpm pump
  • 30 gallon retention tank ( 19″ x 19″ x 36″ )
  • Available solutions: Silica, Anti-foulant, Silica/Foulant blend combo, Sodium bicarbonate (pH balancing), organic acid (pH reducer), chlorine (taste, odor, bacteria, pre-treatment for iron).
Acid Neutralizing Whole House Filter System is an excellent solution for acidic water that will balance pH and increase water alkalinity whether for Well or municipally treated water.
Dosing System Silica / Anti-foulant / Chlorine Injector
Dosing System Silica / Anti-foulant / Chlorine Injector
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